Lastly edited by MTGA Codes on 20-Sep-2023

A list of all future updates that are planned for MTGA Codes Webstore. UI enhancements and Gift Cards when buying Magic the Gathering MTG Arena Codes.

As creators, we wanted to develop the site as soon as possible ( before Christmas 2021 ), but we didn't want to sacrifice quality. In the end, we made the difficult decision to divide the creation of MTGA Codes into two phases. The second phase will include the following features:

  • Gift card - you can always make a person dear to you happy even for no reason. You can also give a voucher to your child without giving him access to your finances.
  • Referral system enhancement - graph to measure clicks, orders and comissions for a given period of time. Also the ability to download all transaction data in CSV format. (already implemented!)

Stay tuned!